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We won't be in Kansas any more

The Slovenia Times is reporting that Slovenia's first real estate tax is on its way to becoming a reality. Exemptions for non-profits, and specifically churches, are not part of the plan. It's not a big deal when God has all the money in the world, but it is still something to be aware of as we plan for a life of ministry there.

The government also plans to tax sacral buildings, which has taken it on a collision course with religious communities, in particular the Roman Catholic Church, which has thousands of churches scattered around Slovenia.

Not only is it inherently difficult to put a market value on places of worship (GURS decided to value churches at the notional value of construction), actually levying the tax could end up costing the Catholic Church millions each year.

The Slovenian Bishops' Conference has submitted its complaints to the draft bill, though the content has not been disclosed, and media reports suggest the topic had been broached in talks PM Alenka Bratušek has recently held with Pope Francis in the Vatican and Ljubljana Archbishop Anton Stres.

Indicating that the Church plans to fight the plan tooth-and-nail, the Church weekly Družina has recently suggested that the coalition is creating an "anti-religious and anti-Catholic atmosphere" in Slovenia.