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Sad Irony


Yesterday: I began reading John Piper's Bloodlines which is now available for free in pdf format. While there are many areas of theology and practice where I would disagree with Pastor Piper, I have been encouraged by the first four chapters. Racism is absolutely and unequivocally incompatible with the Gospel.

Today: One of the occupational hazards of being on deputation is discovering disturbing information on church websites. This evening I happened upon the worst type of racism on a Independent Baptist church website–contorting Scripture to attempt to legitimize racism.

We Baptists still have a long way to go on the issue of race, but I thank God that many are moving in the right direction. I thank God that there are some old paths that were not good paths that we are finally moving away from. (Just so you know, Jeremiah 6:16 does not say that all old paths are good paths.) May we by God's grace continue to move closer to Him.

Where you can find the pdf.

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