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Wrong when we think we are right

I told you that you should be reading Jake at gospelinchina.com all the time if you are interested in clear, Biblical thinking on missions. Well, here's another great post not so much on missions, but Christian living and worry. Here's how he starts it off:

There’s some Bible passages that make us really uncomfortable. There are verses that instantly strike conviction deep into our heart. We have done what we ought not and not done what we ought. But then, there’s some other passages that seem to be speaking about an area where we sense we’ve been faithful to obey. In those passages, we graciously find comfort and confirmation.

Unfortunately, there are some times where, due to our misunderstanding of the text, we mistakenly believe that we have been faithful to obey! How dangerous to think yourself a doer of the word because you haven’t even heard! I’m afraid that this has been my case in Matthew 6.

Read the whole thing here.