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Survey Trip 2013 - Part 1


Why go on a survey trip?

There is a lot of work involved in moving to another country. A survey trip is time that allows one to prepare for some of the living and ministry challenges that await life as an expatriate. Google searches only take one so far.

For this reason, I have returned to Slovenia for a few days. Katie was not able to come, because the baby is too little to stay home and to bring him would hamper getting the work done quickly that needs done. A good and sharp friend of mine was able to come along with me at my request.

We had a great trip over, and I slept more on the plane than I ever had. After an exciting five hour layover in Zurich, we hoped over the Alps to Ljubljana. Dinner was kebabs. Then it was time for a proper night of sleep.

This morning, Wednesday, began with a meeting with a Scottish man who runs a relocations service. We spent nearly an hour learning about their services and the ins-and-outs of moving to Slovenia. He explained the advantages and disadvantages of the Slovene real estate market. There definitely seem to be some common pitfalls that foreigners fall into. He laid out other various services that his companies provides. This entire time, I am thinking that this sounds great, but at what price. I asked him. It wasn't cheap, but it was not unreasonable considering what they are able to accomplish securing visa, rental properties, and a laundry list of other helpful services.

Next, we need to check his references. We have more meetings and more to learn while here on this trip. But if his references check out, meeting Kevin and learning of his company's services will make this entire trip worth it.

Without a doubt.