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Bible Preaching

This is adapted from the ministry information packet we send to churches as we seek support. Since few read this, I wanted to share it on a broader stage.

The Bible

Those two words have been burned into my heart by the Bible, the Holy Spirit, and many of my elders. The Bible is a living book, the revealing of God. The Bible is able to quicken and transform unlike anything else. Preaching is how the Bible is delivered to the heart and mind. Any other method, ancient or contemporary, misses this non-negotiable biblical theme—the Gospel is not advice to be followed but an announcement to be received.

Many ministries today build with tools other than Bible preaching. Many attract or entertain. Some criticize or create doubt. Others focus on personality. Yet only the Bible is “the incorruptible seed” which “liveth and abideth forever.” It alone “endureth for ever”, and “this is the word which by the gospel is preached unto you.”(1 Peter 1)

We are committed to the Bible. It is the perfect written revelation of God--it is only bettered by the physical revelation of God in Jesus Christ.(Heb. 1) This does not pit Christ against the Bible as some neo-orthodox and emergents would like to try. Rather, they (Christ and the Bible) are perfectly complementary, and it is through the Scriptures that we know of Christ and know Christ..

We affirm the verbal, plenary inspiration of Scripture. (II Tim. 3:16, II Pet. 1:21, and many others) By necessity, if God speaks (inspires), then He must do so truthfully. (Ps. 119:160) Therefore, we gladly affirm the complete infallibility and inerrancy of Scripture. Finally, if God speaking through Scripture is the only way we may know of Him in particular, then He must preserve Scripture just as He promised. (Ps. 12:6-7, I Pet. 1:24-25) Therefore, we affirm the preservation of Scripture.

If God has spoken (and He has through Scripture), how then should we convey that to others? Preaching! It is the declaration and exposing of Bible truth. God has chosen it as the means by which people hear the Gospel that can save them. (I Cor. 1:21) The Gospel and Scripture are composed of clear propositional truths. These must be declared.

We is committed to evangelizing the lost, planting churches, and growing people through clear, expositional Bible preaching.